Ladies! Do you know how to keep your man ADDICTED to his sex? (Secrets of mind control exposed)

Many women love the control that their sexuality has over their man. They love to tease him and occupy his every thought. Well, you may not have as much power over him as you think. Find out how you can be sure that he always has this mind.

How to make sure he is addicted to you

Some women think that their man is really obsessed with them, when in fact he is not that interested. Sure, most men want to have sex with you when you offer it to them, but that’s just part of being a man. To make him truly possessed, you have to be wild and unique. The one personality that men never get tired of is the woman who is a sexual creature in touch with her sexuality and is not afraid to constantly express it.

This means that men love women who openly masturbate around them, walk around the house naked or in heels and full lingerie, and have sex at all times of day. Shyness is not a personality trait adopted by the vast majority of men. Most men want a lady in public and a sexual beast in private. When you keep your sexuality at the top of his mind at all hours of the day, that’s when you control and obsess him. If you work outside the home, get creative with lunch visits, secret photos, and phone calls. Don’t forget to make the most of private messaging and email, but make sure these are truly private exploits.

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