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The Recession is Here … Six Costly Mistakes Home Sellers Make During Recessions and How to Avoid Them

The United States is officially in recession. What is a recession? A recession is a contraction of the business cycle or a general economic decline due to a significant drop in spending and other business activities. Most experts and politicians will blame the Covid-19 crisis for the recession, but even before Covid-19 the proverbial writing…

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What is the difference between consulting and consultative selling?

How do you close a consultative sales conversation? I asked that question the other day on in the small business development category. I was looking for a sales skills brainstorm. Unexpectedly, I heard several consultants (not sales consultants) say that they would never “close” a consultative conversation. Some seemed offended that I suggested it….


Everything you need to know about HIV

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus, which belongs to the family of lentiviruses. This retrovirus has RNA as its genetic material. It transcribes DNA, which is a complementary copy of RNA when it enters the cell. DNA produces new copies of RNA, which is used as a template. HIV attacks an individual’s immune system. It…

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Other uses for travel mugs

Travel mugs made their appearance in popular culture in the 1980s and mainly contain thermal insulation components for carrying hot or cold beverages. Insulated cups are similar to vacuum flasks and are generally very well insulated and virtually sealed to warn of any form of spillage. A typical travel mug would come with a lid…

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The three levels of planning

There are three levels of strategic planning: corporate, business, and functional. Strategy can be planned at each level, but plans for each level of an organization must be aligned to ensure maximum unity of effort. Without alignment, departments and functions will work cross-purposely and the overall corporate strategy will be less effective. This is how…