Best hotels in Nainital with exceptional accommodation

A wonderful place with numerous versicolor memories, Nainital is. When you are here with your family friends or just your partner, your first need would be to look for Nainital hotels and resorts that are suitable for all members of the group. Only then can you enjoy the best of tourist attractions. The desire to have a good time at this hill station and the need to secure a good place to stay will go simultaneously if you have done your homework. Below are some of the great attractions to enjoy and Nanital hotels and resorts to choose from.

Nainital – At a Glance

Naini Lake

Known for the Naini Lake, after which the hill station is named, Nainital is basically divided into two parts: Talli Tal and Malli Tal. Picnic all day or enjoy a boat ride on the lake, you will never have enough.

China Peak (Naina)

A bird’s eye view of the hill station is the most rewarding treat if you have reached a certain height, otherwise admiring this part of the Himalayas will not leave you without a task on your hands.

tiffin top

The major fun here is Cable because it will make viewing the place even more memorable.

Nainital Zoo

A treat for wildlife lovers, the place is good for families if they don’t plan on touring Jim Corbett National Park, which is only 25km from here.

Naina Devi Temple

You don’t want to miss that if you come this far. The place is of much importance for people of faith in the Hindu religion.

Other places include names like Barahpathar, Khurpa Tal, Bhim Tal, Sat Tal, Naukuchia Tal, Hanuman Giri, Tiffin Top, Snow View Point, Land’s End, Eco Cave Gardens etc. Time is up for some of the best hotels and resorts in the area.

The best options of lodgement

Luxury hotels

Manu Maharani Hotel- One of the best hotels in Nainital, Manu Maharani has all the facilities that a luxury retreat should have. The view of the Naini Valley and Naini Lake from the hotel makes it a great choice for people for whom luxury is never secondary.

Naini Retreat – Among the best resorts, it has an impressive building set in stunning natural surroundings. Considering all the demands, it is a good place to stay.

budget hotels

Hotel New Bharat – All one can expect in a place like Nainital is a peaceful setting away from the hustle and bustle. This hotel gives tourists just that.

James Cook Cottage – Nainital Resorts They are very good places to stay and the best example would be James Cook’s cottage. The heat in the hill station is not to be denied.

There are many cheap hotels too if your pocket is not looking at the categories mentioned above. Just do some research and your trip to Nainital will be exciting!

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