How saggy breasts develop during puberty

The beginning of breast development is one of the initial indications of puberty in girls; breast buttons and pubic hair appear together. Breast development usually begins about a year before the menstrual period begins. Growth takes several years.

o In the initial stage (in infancy), the breasts are flat.

o Then there is the breast bud stage. At this stage, the breast and nipple rise to a certain point as the milk ducts as well as the fatty tissue begins to form. In addition, the areola also begins to increase.

o Then the breast begins to enlarge. Typically this occurs mainly in a conical shape and then in a rounder shape. The areola begins to darken.

o In these early stages of breast expansion, it is the hormone estrogen that drives growth, causing fat to settle in the breasts and milk ducts to develop. This is the time of the greatest development in size.

When the girl is menstruating, the ovaries start to produce progesterone and that upsets things. Progesterone causes the mammary glands to grow at the ends of the milk ducts. This growth causes a less noticeable development in terms of size, however, it is very important for the job.

Several, however, not all girls go through a stage where the aerola and the nipple generate a different mound than the real breast. In the duration of breast growth, you may experience some soreness and pain or tenderness in your breasts. This is very common. Also, the skin may be itchy, which is an indication that the skin is stretching.

The entire procedure from the breast bud stage to pubertal growth usually takes around 3-5 years, although for several girls it may take around ten years. After breast growth at puberty, the breasts are not yet considered fully developed; Only pregnancy is about the fullness of breast development and growth.

Breast development could start as early as age eight or as late as thirteen years. If the girl does not have breast buds or pubic hair, which are the initial indications of puberty, it is suggested to visit a doctor at 14 years of age. If a girl is not menstruating by age 15, this is known as delayed puberty, and there are several possible reasons for this. It is suggested to consult a doctor.

Although most of this growth ends a few years after menstruation, many girls become somewhat rounder and breasts fuller in their 20s. It is the time when they acquire a more feminine and mature look with “curves”, leaving behind the skinny teenage look.

Occasionally, the girl’s breasts continue to increase and develop beyond the typical growth period, and turn out to be very large, which can cause sagging of the breasts. This state where the breasts do not stop growing is known as juvenile gigantomastia and juvenile macromastia, also known as virginal breast hypertrophy. This lady could have had it.

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