Free Nursing CEUS No Tests

Nursing CEUS No Test

Most states do not require tests for free nursing CEUS. This can greatly enhance the learning process, and can also cause significant anxiety. The best way to get your 30 CEUS without a test is to enroll in a course that does not include a test. One excellent resource for free CEUS without tests is Nursing CE Central. This organization has over 30 CEUS to choose from, and the course is titled the 2021 Comprehensive nursing update. It covers a wide variety of topics.

Free nursing CEUs are often offered by hospital systems. Be sure to check with your state board for guidelines regarding contact hours and how many you can take in a given year. Many will allow you to complete a free course while at work. You can also earn Nurse CEUs in other settings, such as alternative medicine. These courses can be completed by taking assignments that involve learning about new techniques, or through attending a course that combines different areas of nursing.

Another option is to complete your CEUS requirements online. There are many free online CEUS available, and you can log in and take as many as you need to complete them. You can also use these courses to enhance your existing nursing education program, and they are constantly growing. You can get a CEUS in a matter of minutes. So, start taking advantage of free nursing CEUS today. You will be glad you did!

Free Nursing CEUS No Test

Some free nursing CE courses are available through a nonprofit organization called the National Nurses United. This organization provides free CE courses and development courses for nurses, up to one CE credit. This website features the latest research, medical reports, and career information. It is easy to search for CE courses by topic, and they are free to take! All National Nurses United courses are free to take, and you can earn CEUs without a test.

CEUs are required by the Texas Board of Nursing every two years. Emergency room nurses must also complete 2 hours of CE on forensic evidence collection. Other requirements include HIV/AIDS training and 2 hours of domestic violence CE. If you aren’t sure whether you need CEs or not, you should consult with the organization who provides your certification. These programs are well worth your time and money. You will be glad you did.

In order to get your CEs, you should check your state’s nursing board’s regulations regarding continuing education. If your state doesn’t require continuing education, you must obtain it yourself. If you’re a new nurse, a new employer will typically require you to attend a week of classroom orientation with a preceptor. Then, the employer will expect you to receive 40 contact hours in return. However, facility orientations don’t count as nursing CE. Also, in-service training programs do not count as nursing CE unless they include portions that are approved for CE.

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