94-Key Hot-Swappable PBT Impregnated Gradient Keycaps For Stationaries

94-Key Hot-Swappable PBT Impregnated Gradient Keycaps For Stationaries

Keycaps are made from a strong thermoplastic that’s wear resistant. They are also more durable than ABS, which means they can last for years. They’re also easy to clean and are less likely to crack or chip. This makes them the ideal choice for keyboard enthusiasts looking for a high-quality keycap set.

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The keycaps are designed to fit all normal MX switches and feature dye-sublimated legends that will never fade or peel. The PBT plastic ensures superior oil resistance and enhances the typing feel. The keycaps are also lightweight and have a glossy finish that looks great on the keyboard.

Keycaps are available in many different colors, and can be molded to match your keyboard’s color scheme. They can also be etched with patterns and themes to make them look more interesting. You can also find a wide range of different styles, such as sculpted or spherical. This will add a unique touch to your keyboard and increase its functionality.

Keycaps are hot-swappable

Hot-swappable keyboards allow you to change the switches on your keyboard while it’s still running. This is a big advantage for gamers and other users who want to customize their keyboard. You can choose from different switches, which vary in feel and sound. Some are smooth and quiet, while others are clicky and tactile.


A hot-swappable keyboard also has the advantage of longevity over traditional soldered keyboards. This is because the switches aren’t soldered to the board, so you can replace them as your needs change. However, this feature does come with some disadvantages, such as loose connections.

To install a new set of keys, you’ll need a keycap puller, which is designed to remove the existing keycaps without damaging the switches underneath. Once you’ve removed the existing caps, you can then attach the new ones using the included tools. Once you’ve completed the installation, test the keyboard to make sure that all of the keys register correctly.

Keycaps are durable

PBT keycaps are made of a stronger plastic than ABS. They are thicker and have a matte finish, which gives them a more textured feel than ABS keycaps. This makes them less shiny and easier to clean. They are also more durable and resist fading over time. They can also be printed with legends using a process called dye-sublimation. This method creates the image and letter by printing it onto the top surface of the keycap with a rubber pad. This method has several disadvantages, such as a softer feel and the fact that the legends fade over time.

94-key hot-swappable PBT impregnated gradient keycaps

PBT keycaps are more expensive than ABS ones, but they offer a better typing experience. Premium keycap sets like GMK or Signature Plastics use a more precise mold for their keys, which leads to a more consistent typing experience. The plastic they use is also harder and more robust, which reduces the chance of key alignment or die wear over time.

Keycaps are easy to clean

Most people don’t clean their keyboards as often as they should, and most of the dirt that accumulates on the keycaps is trapped beneath them. A weekly and monthly cleaning routine is important to keep your keyboard clean and prevent it from looking greasy. The first step in cleaning a keyboard is to remove the keycaps and soak them in a mixture of warm water and normal dish soap. After the keycaps have soaked, they should be rinsed and dried with a towel.

ABS keycap sets are cheaper than PBT and are the standard on most keyboards, but the inscriptions can begin to fade after repeated use, especially in a bright room. This problem can be avoided by using a double shot keycap set that is molded with both ABS and a separate plastic for the inscriptions.

These thicker keycaps are more expensive, and many people prefer them because they offer a more rugged look and feel. They also produce a deeper sound that many find more pleasing and can activate ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response).

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