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stay broke not poor

Stay broke! You heard me, stay broke but not poor. What is the difference? Bankruptcy is a temporary situation. Broke people have money, they just waste it. Poor is being indigent or lacking sufficient resources. I got this from Grant Cardone’s, The Millionaire’s Brochure. It also aligns with Dave Ramsey’s concept of naming every dollar….

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The Side Event Ticket Market

The Internet has become a major playing field for event ticket buyers and sellers in the extremely competitive $10 to $12 billion event ticket market, particularly for sold-out sports games and concerts and plays. very popular musicals Called the event ticket secondary market, this is the part of the event ticket market that includes tickets…


A trip down fragrance lane

Glamor is like Hollywood movie stars, but they are newcomers to the world of perfume, which goes back a long way. Perfume is thousands of years old. Using herbs and flowers to scent the air was how the love of fragrance began. It was common for people to wear a flower garland, hang scented plants…

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Hotels in Dubai

Dubai is a perfect destination for a family vacation. The city is home to the world’s richest horse racing, million-dollar lotteries, international tennis, golf tournaments and month-long shopping festivals. It has the tallest and most luxurious hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab, shaped like a billowing sail, perched on an artificial platform in…


Best Resistance Loop Band Exercises

IN TODAY’S WORLD OF TOURISM people are looking for time and convenience solutions to their problems. One of the most frequent problems is that of harmful health conditions. Among those conditions we include obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. Those conditions can be alleviated with exercise, but who has the time…

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Snickers Chocolate Bar: A Brief History

The Snickers chocolate bar is manufactured and marketed by the US-based Private Corporation called Mars, Inc. It is peanut butter nougat with caramel and peanut topping and dairy milk chocolate. Snickers is a popular candy bar that is sold all over the world with annual sales exceeding $2 billion. In the early 1920s, Mars Inc…