What questions should I ask before buying a water treatment system?

There are many options for water treatment. How do you know how to choose the right company?

Some companies compete on price alone and sacrifice product quality or customer service, or both. If they do that, they don’t deserve your business.

You hope for the best; your water treatment company should strive to provide it every day. Water is important to your family’s health and choosing the right company to handle your water needs is crucial to maintaining a good water supply.

Any company that wants your business should be able to articulate why customers should do business with them. These could be called “Points of Differentiation”. Here are the top questions to ask a water treatment company before purchasing a home water system.

How long has the owner owned your current business?

Because a water system is machinery, as it ages, it needs maintenance and service. Make sure the company has a warranty on their product and that they have been in business long enough to know that they will be around in the future to service your new water treatment equipment.

Do you offer an equipment rental option?

Any reputable water company will offer rental or financing options to assist with the purchase of a new system or for businesses looking to have a water cooler on their premises.

Do you perform a criminal background check and drug screen on all employees?

If these service technicians come to your home to install the system, it is important for your safety and that of your family that the person is examined and properly certified to work with the machinery.

Do you provide plumbing permits prior to equipment installation for each customer when required?

Permits are important when selling your home, remodeling and it is also the law, so it is important whether we want the hassle of paperwork or not. Not all facilities require a permit, but a professional is needed to determine if the paperwork needs to be completed.

Do you conduct a customer satisfaction survey after all service and installation appointments?

If a water treatment company answers no, ask why not. If a company doesn’t endorse your work and asks for comments and feedback, it makes you wonder about the quality of the work. Pride in workmanship should be important and reviews can be vital feedback for any business.

Do you provide a written, unconditional 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee guarantee and is it a money-back guarantee?

Again, as in the previous question, if the company answers no, you should ask yourself why not? Product and labor say a lot about the company selling both, especially when they manufacture and service the system. Water treatment systems are no different. Because it can take several days of system operation before defects or problems arise with the system, a warranty and warranty are important to ensure that the system is working properly and that the water is properly filtered for your needs. home.

Does your business use pre- and post-installation digital photos to ensure quality?

Because a water treatment system involves the installation of equipment in your home, just like any work performed, the water company must provide you with a detailed plan and diagrams of where the installation will take place and where the system will be placed. principal. They should guide you through design and maintenance prior to the installation date so that both of you can be sure that your system is placed in a location that is satisfactory to both you and the operation of the water treatment itself.

If I have iron water, do you have a chemical-free way to solve my problem?

Iron problems exist in some forms, which may require a different water treatment to remove. A good water treatment expert should be able to recommend the right system for your home’s unique iron removal needs, both eco-friendly and traditional water treatment methods.

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