Stocking fillers for women

This holiday season, make sure you don’t forget the women in your life. Friends, family, co-workers, and even the local postman or merchant deserve something to let them know you appreciate them. Here’s a list of sock fillers and little gifts that are affordable for everyone you care about. You can also combine all these…

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Researchers have bad news for hangovers

The old popular aphorism, “Beer before wine and you’ll feel good; wine before beer and you’ll feel weird” was recently dispelled by a team of European researchers. The team conducted a study to examine whether a particular order of drinking helped to experience a less severe hangover. However, for the 76 percent of Americans, who…

Real Estate

How to become a successful real estate investor

Many people dream of becoming real estate investors, but not everyone has what it takes. If you dream of becoming an investor, here are several important questions to consider long before purchasing your first investment property: 1) Why would a homeowner sell a house at a bargain price? Many things happen in people’s lives that…

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Honor the ebb and flow

Is it just me or is there a general feeling of overwhelming on social media? Anyone who runs a business seems to be under constant pressure to take this course, that workshop, read this book, hire that expert, etc. I recently read a comment on a Facebook group that procrastination was another term for laziness….


# 35 Wisconsin Badgers Preview

Spring practices are on the books and fall camps will be here before you know it, so that means having an early jump into the 2006 NCAA football season. Knowing the teams now will save you time in August and Matt Fargo is here to help you understand what to expect next year. We go…