How to choose the best casual dress shoes for men

The casual style: that never fails

The great advantage of current fashion is that it allows a freedom never seen before when choosing the most suitable places for your personality and style that we usually frequent. There are many options and the combinations that can be given are practically endless. In this situation, we can feel a bit disoriented. But in case there is any doubt, we will always have a style that, even if the year passes, is still valid. We are talking about the casual style.

It is worth mentioning that Casual Dress Shoes for Men are usually an excellent option for day to day or for work, as long as there is no formal dress code like the one that certain professionals must follow or if you plan to attend a specific event. . Fortunately, more and more companies have understood that the comfort of the worker helps to obtain better returns; She has also realized that formality is not the only alternative to look presentable because a well-cared casual look can be elegant with elegance.

A quick definition of casual style:

There is a fundamental rule to achieve a casual style: mix informality and comfort with elegance in equal parts. Because obviously, if it were just to be comfortable, we would go out with sneakers, pants or shorts and a shirt of our favorite sports team, but that does not mean that we have adopted a casual style.

Comfort is also synonymous with functionality. We said at the beginning that the casual style is useful for everyday activities such as informal events with family and friends, and of course for work. And this style should allow us to function freely and even on foot, an activity that is usually necessary if we are on time in the big Mexican cities. Therefore, excellent quality men’s casual dress shoes are the best choice for comfortable travel wherever we go.

The options:

Shoe with laces: They do not necessarily have to be leather shoes, so we must wear formal shoes with a suit or dress pants. On the other hand, they are suede shoes, in this 2016 it is the quintessential material for men’s casual footwear. Both options can be part of a casual style when combined with casual pants and even jeans. We do not recommend pants that are a little tighter, but rather a straight cut, since these types of shoes are less bulky than other styles and to show off slimmer legs, it is recommended that cut pants fit the shape better.

Moccasins: This summer is also witnessing the unusual strength that the use of moccasins has gained. Even those men who swore they would never leave their shoelaces now opt for this stylish and comfortable option. Also available in leather and suede, they manifest themselves as the best option to show off a classic casual style. A good pair of loafers should not be missing in your wardrobe; We recommend one light color and one dark. And not to fail, it is worth having some blue loafers, favorites for this year.

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