Do Maui Fire Lawyers Handle Cases involving Wildfires Caused by Fireworks?

Do Maui Fire Lawyers Handle Cases

If your property was damaged or destroyed by the deadly Lahaina fires, you may be entitled to compensation. Our Maui fire lawyers can help you navigate this complicated and often complex legal process.

The Maui fire lawyers have destroyed more than 2,000 homes and structures in West Maui, including historic buildings and homes. Hundreds of people have been displaced and thousands of acres have burned. In addition, several hundred people have been killed, and many more remain unaccounted for. The fires are a catastrophic disaster for residents of Hawaii and have caused immense economic losses for the community.

The victims of this disaster are suffering from emotional, financial and physical damage. Some have lost their lifetime investment in their home, which has been destroyed or rendered uninhabitable. Other families have suffered the loss of loved ones and cherished family pets. Many have been left without the income they depend on to provide for their families. The fires have also impacted local businesses and tourism.

Do Maui Fire Lawyers Handle Cases involving Wildfires Caused by Fireworks?

In addition to the loss of property, fire victims suffer from the health effects of smoke inhalation. The smoky air has been deemed unhealthy to breathe and can even lead to death in some cases. The damage caused by these fires will be felt long after the flames have burned out.

Maui fire lawsuit

One of the most significant issues in the case against Hawaiian Electric is their alleged negligence. The company has been accused of causing the fires in Lahaina by failing to implement public safety power shutoffs during extreme conditions. This failure is alleged to have been due to the fact that the company was aware of the high risk of wildfire in West Maui because it is known to be drier than other areas of the state and has become overrun with flammable non-native vegetation.

Additionally, the Eders allege that when Hurricane Dora hit the island, the winds from the storm blew down trees and branches which predictably broke utility lines, causing the blazes to ignite. They also claim that keeping the lines energized during the fires increased their intensity and allowed them to spread, eventually destroying the town of Lahaina.

Lawsuits against the utility are expected to grow. On Thursday, a wrongful death suit was filed on behalf of the estate of Lawrence “Buddy” Jantoc, who died from the flames. His lawsuit is the first of many that will be submitted by victims.

Another issue is the possible compromise of evidence in the investigation into the cause of the fires. The lawsuits allege that Hawaiian Electric tampered with the evidence by moving power poles and other equipment near where the fires started before federal investigators could access it. This is a violation of a principle in the law called inverse condemnation, which allows private property owners to sue for damages when they demonstrate that a government agency, such as a utility company, operates like a governmental entity and takes their property without paying fair market value.

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