House Break Your Italian Greyhound

Burglary problems are one of the reasons Italian Greyhounds turn to ransom. When I got my first Italian Greyhound almost a decade ago, it was so good that I had no idea Iggy’s other parents were accident-pulling their hair around the house. However, when I got involved with IG Rescue and adopted a male Iggy,…

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The clock and the circle

Here is a very fascinating code. I call it “the Clock and the Circle”, in which “the Circle” is inferred, then, is Pi. To successfully apply this code, you must be working with the correct “substrate”, which means “rendering” relative to design. Let’s analyze the amount of time. A day is divided into 24 hours….

Home Kitchen

Kitchen trends for 2018

The kitchen is the heart of each home. It is the place where families spend most of their time together. In early 2018, we can predict some completely new kitchen trends. Home designs introduce you to some of those trends that will appear this year. Accessories This year, just like the year before, the matte…


The most expensive cars in the world

For those who like to collect cars, or at least those who want to have the best car that money can buy; Getting the most expensive car in the world is a dream come true. While many of us find it unthinkable to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a single car, car enthusiasts…