Your best friend deserves celebrity pet clothing

The rapper’s urban hip hop feel takes over your pup when he dons a Doggfather hoodie.

On the other hand, Tinkerbelle would look positively cutie-pie in Susi Lanci’s festive doggy dress. Any pampered princess would feel like dancing beauty on her special night spinning the dance floor in a one-of-a-kind limited edition sumptuous gown created from festive red raw silk, sparkling with over 350 Swarovski crystals.

We love famous dogs

It’s natural for us to want to swoon over the pets of our favorite celebrities. Actress Jessica Alba has a smile that lights up any stage she adorns, but her doting pug pair, Sid and Nancy, are the epitome of “I just want to squeeze your pretty cheeks.” And could anyone stop loving Theron’s precious cocker spaniels as much as they adore Charlize?

If you like the manliest man’s best friend, you won’t mind at all seeing Jake Gyllenhaal’s German Shepherd, Atticus, working out in the park. The point is, our pets don’t need to be on the cover of a gossip rag to be celebrities to us. Paris doesn’t have to be the only mommy dog ​​who can dress her little angel in the latest fashion designs. There’s even an immense variety of hot little numbers just for casual days in the city. Don’t worry if your dog needs to attend a gala event – he or she will be the talk of the event by wearing the best of formal wear.

Catwalk sewing for your dog

Canine haute couture and exclusive pet clothing for dogs aren’t necessarily extravagant items when our dogs take center stage in our lives. Dog fashion designers around the world ready to take on the challenge of creating the next best line of dog clothes that allows us to glamorize and personalize. The vision of runway models at fashion events accompanied by dogs in matching outfits is widely accepted by crowds of couture-conscious consumers. From custom designed dog coats to canine wedding dresses and tuxedos, there are clothing to suit your dog, whether it is small, medium or large.

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