Lily’s Potty & Pete’s Potty Toddler Books

Begin Smart recently asked me to review two board books for toddlers. If you are a parent or grandparent of a young child, these books are great to have. One is for girls who teach potty training and is titled “Lily’s Potty,” while the other is for boys titled “Pete’s Potty.” These two books are “age-appropriate concepts and simple language, as well as colorful pictures.” These are board books designed with young children in mind.

Both board books are very cute and easy for young children’s hands to hold. Each has 4 fold-out flaps for the little ones that are easy to open. With colorful pictures on each page of the board, it has the ability to attract a child’s attention. The pictures are simple for the child in mind and show him what to do with the potty and toilet paper.

The books are great for parents, grandparents, and even babysitters to read to children ages 2 to 3. For older children learning to recognize words, this would be a great book to start with. There are only a few board pages in each book, allowing enough time to capture a child’s attention, since at the age of young children we know that their attention span is very short.

These are great little books for young children to sit and read while on the potty! It is also great for parents to read to their children as a fun and exciting book to prepare for potty training. I really enjoyed reading both books, even though my kids are already potty trained. These are by far some of the best books I have read, related to potty training at the infant level.

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