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If you are a history buff, you should tune into the Wise About texas podcasts to find out some interesting tales from Texas’s past. This program was founded to share interesting stories from Texas’s rich history, and to preserve the spirit of the state. This podcast covers the history of Texas from the large events of the state’s past to the little details and quirky side-stories. If you’re a fan of the Texas history, this podcast is for you.

In the early twentieth century, Texas was at war with the United States, and it was a matter of pride for its new country. But it was the promise of historically productive land that drew so many settlers to the coastal prairie. In order to ensure that the country’s sovereignty would not be questioned, President David Burnet created the Judicial District of Brazos to settle the conflict. Judge Benjamin Cromwell Franklin presided over the trial and kept the court open. This episode tells the story of the first Texas court, which is mentioned in the Wise About TX podcast.

The first episode focuses on the infamous massacre of several hundred Texian soldiers in Galveston, Texas. The incident led to the creation of two monuments to commemorate the victims. One monument honors Sam Houston’s son, while the other honors General Granger. The Juneteenth Legacy Project is the perfect example of this. The statue commemorates the day in which the state’s soldiers were enslaved.

Wise About Texas Podcast

One episode focuses on the pearls of East Texas. The region has an abundance of freshwater pearls. In 1909, a man found a rare freshwater pearl. The discovery was a sensation in the area, with thousands of people combging the bottom of the lake for the precious gem. In the Wise About TX podcast, this episode explains the history of the Texas pearl frenzy.

The podcast also focuses on the origins of freshwater pearls. The episode describes the story of the first pearl found in East Texas. In 1836, the state of Texas and the United States began a war, and a US ship was captured. In order to protect their rights, President David Burnet had to hold a trial without a legal system. The case was tried in the Judicial District of Brazos, where Judge Benjamin Cromwell Franklin ruled the case. In a sense, this case shaped the course of history in the state.

The story of the first court in Texas is fascinating. In 1836, a small group of Texian soldiers were killed in an ambush. The president had no legal system to protect the soldiers and had to resort to killings in order to settle the case. However, he had a legal system. As a result, his soldiers were killed by an American who was not a friend of the Texians.

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