What is Disablism Discrimination?

Disablism Discrimination

You may wonder, what is disablism discrimination? The law protects you as a person with a disability from unfair employment practices and other forms of discrimination. However, you are not protected if an employer refuses to make reasonable accommodations for a person with a disability. Under the ADA, employers can only discriminate against a disabled person if they are unable to perform the job.

When you are working at a place where discrimination is taking place, the best way to handle the situation is to notify the appropriate authorities. Your manager or HR should be aware of your disability. Often, discrimination is the result of ignorance of the law, so an open discussion about your disability may help your employer to reassess his/her behavior and avoid future incidents. However, if the employer is hesitant to engage in dialogue, you will have to file a formal complaint. This complaint will help the company to address the issue and resolve it.

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When the employer refuses to make reasonable accommodations for a disabled person, the harassment may lead to a hostile working environment and could lead to retaliation or even a demotion. Even if the harassment comes from co-workers or superiors, the disabled person should file a complaint and consult an attorney to ensure their rights. As a disabled person, you have the right to an inclusive workplace that does not tolerate discrimination and promotes the inclusion of all workers.

What is Disablism Discrimination?

Indirect discrimination occurs when a lawful policy or practice affects disabled people in an unfair manner. For example, if the local authority does not produce an accessible version of its information leaflet for local residents, it may be indirect discrimination. If this discrimination occurs, the employer must show a reasonable explanation. If the policy violates the law, the discrimination will be deemed unlawful. The employee will have to sign a statement of compliance in order to continue working at the company.

While workplace disability discrimination is illegal, there are areas where it is not, such as public transportation. Disablism discrimination takes different forms, such as hiring, terminating, wages, assignments, training, and promotions. It is important to note that bosses should not treat disabled workers any differently than anyone else. Harassment is illegal and must be stopped. So, don’t let the bosses harass you.

Disability discrimination can take many forms, from inappropriate treatment to harassment. A few examples include not providing reasonable accommodations, ignoring a disability, or failing to give proper benefits. For example, a casino sued a pit manager for disability discrimination because she requested a leave of absence due to an anxiety disorder. She was fired after she applied for a leave extension, but the company denied her request. In addition, the employee is denied equal pay because she is disabled.

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