Tips for plucking your eyebrows

Waxing is the best way to shape the eyebrows, although some women prefer plucking. But be careful: it is best done by a professional, unless you want to pluck half an eyebrow. Plucking your eyebrows is an art. There is skill, patience, and creativity involved. You will need good vision, the perfect tools, and a sense of symmetry. To start, look at your eyebrows in a mirror. Go back at least a meter to get a clear and complete perspective of what your facial features are. Shave your eyebrows when your pores are open. This is after a shower or after you’ve applied a warm washcloth to your skin for a few minutes. Perfect brows almost transcend the beauty of the face and make an immediate visible impact in a makeover session. The best time to pluck your eyebrows is after you get out of the shower. The pores are still open and not so itchy.

Stopping to access your waxing progress will help measure your results and prevent excessive waxing. Ideally, brow hair removal should be scheduled just before hitting the sac, as the sleep time that follows allows any subsequent redness to fade overnight. Slanted edge tweezers, which grab hair with ease, are best for shaping eyebrows while combing hair one way, then another, helping to remove loose strands. Pluck the hairs in the direction they grow. Doing so will keep the hairs soft and hurt less. Remove loose hairs under the browbone and anything else outside the natural brow line. Tips for plucking your eyebrows that will help you get beautiful eyebrows. After pulling out a few hairs, always stop to look at what you’ve done. You may be waxing too much and you may not even realize it.

Tips for plucking or plucking your eyebrows:

1. Don’t wax too much.

2. Hair can be smoothed first with a conditioner or shaving cream.

3. If your brows are forming a slight arch, then you have the best brow.

4. Cleanse the skin. Brush your brows up and out.

5. Use a good pair of tweezers to pluck your eyebrows. Use a magnifying mirror and do your homework in perfect bright light.

6. Upturned eyebrows make you look angry, so be careful not to peel too much at the outer corners.

7. If you want both the top and bottom to be as smooth as possible, you can tear off the top and bottom.

8. Don’t over pluck your eyebrows. Plucking with due care and limitations is as important as plucking or plucking.

9. Once you have finished epilating, apply some good quality gel to remove redness etc. Applying gel will soothe your eyes and eliminate irritation from plucking or tweezing.

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