The power of beat statements to easily open up to any girl without any rejection

There you go. You see her across the room, your eyes meet. You smile briefly, she smiles briefly. You want to reach out and start a conversation. Who knows, maybe you’ll get along. Maybe she is totally into you and she has an amazing personality.

But what are you saying? How do you start the conversation? How do you keep it going? Believe it or not, it’s quite easy using some basic conversation techniques.

The first thing is that you have to “open” it. This means breaking the ice, starting the conversation. Robert Collier, arguably one of the greatest copywriters of all time, said that you have to “get into the conversation already in his mind.” What does this mean? This means that if she is thinking and talking about strawberries, and you dance and start talking about monster truck racing, you will break her state, causing her to become shocked and defensive.

So if she’s talking about strawberries, you better say something about strawberries. However, unless you have psychic powers, this can be difficult. The next best thing would be to observe a few things about her immediate surroundings.

Then say something about your immediate environment, something that is verifiably and undeniably true. That way, she won’t disagree, either out loud or in her mind.

The next step is to reveal something about yourself, as far as the environment is concerned. Something positive. That way, she won’t be in the room and you will “go first”.

If you’re in a crowded club, for example, you can do something like this:

“Wow, this place is so crowded! I love it when it’s like this!”

That way, you will have said something that is true and revealed something about yourself. This invites her to respond. If she does, great. If she doesn’t ask him a simple question. Something like this:

“Do you prefer crowded places like this, or quieter places?”

Please note that this is a simple yes or no question. Easy to answer without having to reveal too much about herself. Remember, make it as easy as possible for her to sustain her part of the conversation.

Once you answer, feel free to agree to disagree. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to agree with everything she says.

Then ask a more “open” question. Like, “Then why do you like those kinds of places?”

And then just listen to his answer. She reveals something more about you and then ask her more about herself.

It’s critical that you only ask follow-up questions that build on the answer you’ve been given. Remember, you don’t want to put her in a bind. Make it as easy as possible.

The longer the conversation lasts, the sooner you can determine if you should ask for the number. When that time comes, just say something like this:

“Hey, I really enjoyed talking to you, but I have to. Give me your number and we’ll meet up later.”

Then just hand him your phone and you’re in.

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