The Indians overdid their celebrations for 2 Olympic medals!

A UK commentator laughs at the Indians:


For winning 2 medals, one silver and one bronze.

With 120 billion people!

Come on, aren’t you upset?

You should have done better.

to laugh at others

The pious trait is: laughing with others.

The devilish trait is: laughing at others, or trolling others.

Why do we laugh at others?

The United Kingdom ranks second in the Olympic Games gold medal tally.

It has achieved a medal per million inhabitants.

But, when you live in a developed nation,

Learn: How not to look down on developing nations.

It is not a natural reaction, of a civilized human being.

We have to inculcate superior godly traits,

Even more so, if we belong to a developed nation.

Unfortunately, we have fallen prey to ‘feeling proud and superior’.

Why are we trolling?

When we look down on a person or a nation,

We feel: we are relatively better.

It makes us happy.

As children we learned:

‘When wealth is lost, nothing is lost;

When health is lost, something is lost;

And when character is lost, everything is lost’ – Billy Graham.

A character is built by integrating divine traits:

Humility, devotion and perseverance, honesty, controlled sensual desires, believing presence of the same God in humanity, regardless of color, gender, religion and race.

Winning a medal by any means, including doping, is undesirable.

He wins medals, but retains basic human values.

If we are still slaves to lust, falsehood, the snobbish outlook, we are subhuman.

*An ‘I am the greatest’, gold medal winner, is a slave to his sensual desires,

He acted less than human, despite his athletic excellence.

* Winner of a gold medal, gets drunk and resorts to vandalism,

And he makes a false claim: we were robbed.

He is an inferior human being.

It could have been deprived of sponsorship from advertisers,

You still need to understand life.

You have yet to learn the art of restrained and disciplined living.

* If a female athlete from a developing country participates in the Olympic Games,

Traveling by plane for the first time,

And win a bronze medal,

It is a journey, serving praise and recognition.

It is easy to laugh at others, but difficult to laugh with others.

The Olympic games are meant to motivate humanity to excel in fitness.

We need physical fitness and medals, but not at the expense of ethics and morals.

May the Olympic Games recognize excellence in sport, and discourage misadventures.

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