The Catacombs of Cibara [Introduction Chapters to "The Cardaverous Planets"]

The Catacombs of Cibara


The forbidden planet

The planet Cibara is a little beyond the ice sheet of the asteroid moon, which is the one that orbits the cold planet called Moiromma, a little beyond our solar system, if it is called Pluto, the last planet within our Solar system.

Malsi, High Priest of Cibara

In the terrifying passages through which it would be difficult to choose to walk alone, much less, for long periods, inhabits the catacomb of Cibara. Not seen by other species – another edge, other than the Cibaralites, that is, or their demon inhabitant, or hybrid [Hybrids: implying as half-Cibara and half demonic, originally brought to Cibara from earth, via, by angelic-renegades, such as, Crick’el and Amasras].

These hybrids sleep under the upper soil layer of the crust of the planet Cibara, under its tons of ice, which lead to the underground cemeteries of 90,000 years ago. In this maze of caves, tunnels and cavities, resides a city of dead bodies: mostly hybrids (which would be considered on earth: morphological innovations of evolution through mutations and recombinations, thus possibly connecting two species together at once , forming one). ; some pure Cibara, and others from nearby planets, to include Earth and Moiromma. A sanctuary of and for evil spirits, familiar spirits, as some have called them, all decaying and in great evil. And so Opus guards the main entrance as the gatekeeper while Malsi, the High Priest, walks the hallways.

–Opus is a pure demon and Malsi is a hybrid; Malsi is the last of his kind. But this brash little story started a long time ago, let me bring you up to speed. Malsi was born to a Cibara woman who lived with a demon, he, of course, is the descendant of this disappearance. But when it prevailed in Cibara, when hundreds of demons coexisted with the flesh of the planet, that is, innumerable unnamed descendants were given birth. But this ungodly act was not going to last. Let me go back a bit and explain:

when Malsi rises to the surface for air, fresh air – for the catacombs can get quite suffocating – and the High Priest still has to be remembered, who carries the blood of the people of Cibara and needs so little nauseating relief. However, what he does is moderately magical in the manner of Habilis with a spell; it emerges above the ground next to a large Cyprus tree (and I say Cyprus, because on this planet I don’t know what to call it because it looks like one), one with gigantic roots, roots as huge as pythons, and apparently not all of that. away from the entrance where the Opus guards. These big roots are a kind of tunnel; for the shape-shifting Malsi, who must pass through them in a misty form, as it will emerge from the upper end to the planet’s surface; because they hang into the emptiness of the underground corridors, crawling deep through the subterranean soil of the planet; the roots sink directly into its little grotto.

Inside its mouth, it has sharp, pointed fangs with poisonous juices that spread along its sides; and a mist covers its body, as it changes shape from the roots: as they spread and are ready for combat should you need them. The foggy fa├žade protects you from would-be assassins. And within his body, he carries a soul: yes, like all physical beings, or physical medium, that is, edge in character: a living and dying soul, one that is in decline, not the empty souls of demonic beings, because there is light, not much but lighting nonetheless.

On this desolate, half-frozen planet whose visit is forbidden to space travelers due to the curse of death that seems to surround it: therefore, they live in isolation for the most part, but yearning to rule over their two solar systems. [the one Moiromma is on, which it is on the rim, the edge of both]; and the only land is within: the Milky Way, with its milk cloud containing many luminous bands of stars in the midnight sky.

The Catacombs of Cibara

Chaos in the catacombs

Part ii

In the days that are now far in the past, there were what were known as “The Ancients”, angelic beings, which originated in a bygone era on earth, which was called the Pre-Satanic Era, (these Ancients, now Angelic renegades), demonic as they are now known, were a happy race, until a holy angelic being named Lucifer, wanted to rule heaven and earth, being he the champion of luck. In fact, eventually the rebellion took hold and Lucifer turned evil, and from then on, he was called the Adversary. [or Satan, the Adversary for short]. Therefore, the other angelic beings: beings with wings and supernatural ability: abilities that exceeded all other beings in the Universe, except the fact of sacred beings, at the request of their friends – their friends are now called demons and by some species. and the races within certain species, the demigods, paid a high price to cohabit with females, hiding them for angelic beings and selling them for a free trip out of the earth’s atmosphere. With which, they found another planet to infest: Cibara; beyond Moiromma.

Meanwhile, the angelic renegades were thrown into a well; therefore, no more could be pulled out of Earth’s gravity belt, at this moment and moment. Two of these so-called supernatural beings (referred to as: transport of angelic beings) by the names of: Crick’el, and Amasras were the only providers of transport to other planets, as mentioned above, the list of names is much larger, but it would not be credible to list them all now. In general, things seemed to work out well for the demon race and hybrids (hybrids are, of course, of the physical and the supernatural); Alas, this was not a good setup for the original inhabitants of the planet, the Cibaralites, of whom I speak.


Malsi had taken her daily breath as she appeared out of the roots of the great Cyprus tree, filling her lungs with the cool breeze of the surrounding semi-arctic climate, this being the warmest part of the year. The landscape was not as deadly or severe as Moiromma, having a surface coverage of around 90% of ice caps, glaciers, and polar cap-covered mountains, and snow almost wherever one could look in the far distance, and not close. But then his planet was only half the size of his Moiromma planet, yet he could sustain life better and had many more living animals, whereas like Moiromma he had only a few worms, fish, and rodents to choose from ( therefore, cannibalism occurred). But many things could grow on this small planet despite the cold; plants seemed to store their necessary nutrients within their own system, like a camel’s hump, and thus survived all seasons.

But what he was about to say was that Malsi was filling his lungs with the freshness of spring air, it was possible that around 35F [above ground]A really warm spring day, and with those days one wanted to take advantage of them, because they were far and in the middle. Whereas, the Moiromma spring at this time was below zero and, of course, the lands were a mix of different tempters depending on the hemispheres.

There he sat at the root from which he came: transferred like a mist seeping over a mountain. Then he simply looked around, looking from side to side, enjoying the life of spring; You could say that he was optimistic about life, in general terms; but when Suru’el appeared: thus, a sight to behold, a gigantic and sacred being, brighter than the rays of the sun, if a human being looked at this being with the naked eye for more than a moment, his eyes would be sullen . burned to a scab, but kept his distance, and was covered mostly with white linen to make up for the shine, except for the face, hands, neck, and feet. It shook him a bit, the suddenness of Suru’el’s appearance; in fact, he froze in fear at that moment, his eyes wide like great balls of hail, not moving, not sure if he should try to move. He thought: no holy angelic being would come unless he had a task, a message, a kind of mission, from the Divine Himself, the Almighty God of the Universe, the Creator. He tried to swallow but his mouth went dry, Opus couldn’t see him, he was sure of that, but somehow he felt he needed to warn him, he wasn’t sure why he had to warn him, what could he or Opus do, the angelic being He shouldn’t want anything a conquest, a battle, but he worked on the fact: the holy angels don’t attack first, thank God, if that was the dilemma, he was a dead creature in that. Once again, he found himself standing still for the moment, and a very dramatic moment at that:

then, from this angelic being, his hands threw out a flame, a hissing flame, a twisted and flashing flame, which sucked the roots of the tree and the bark of the earth, until it reached the catacombs. As the tree shook and the ground swayed, Malsi stood up, eyes big as tennis balls, almost in shock, she looked towards the doors, the entrance where Opus was: everything was cascading in and around him. he; and Opus could not be seen or heard. And the ground opened up and lava filled the underground tunnels, reminiscent of a flowing river. There was really nothing to say, it was as if everything was behind schedule.

Suru’el said, “Should you or your kind [meaning the demon on the planet] live again with the women of Cibara, I will return and as the Elders of the Earth [for there were many legends], I will chain you and bind you to the abyss, just as Ura’el did on Earth. Do you get it? “

Thus, from that day, so many years ago, the demonic forces that came from the earth, to live among the inhabitants of Cibara, were now restricted only to the possession of the body. And if their filthy minds wanted to live together, they would have to do so by possessing someone else, and they did.

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