Search Engine Optimization Resolutions

Search engine optimization is a process that should always be reviewed and adapted as search engines modify search algorithms. Because SEO is an ongoing process, it is often pushed to the bottom of a marketers “to do list.” Be that as it may, resolve not to ignore search engine optimization as you work your way through your to-do list. Give search engine optimization the attention it deserves.

There are few things you can do that will result in virtually “free” traffic, and therefore SEO deserves time and attention.

1. Unique titles

Each page should have a unique title that relates to what is included on that specific web page. Don’t make the mistake of using the same title on every page of a website.

2. Unique descriptions

Each and every web page within a website must contain a unique meta tag description. Audit web pages and develop summary descriptions of page contents; including keywords and critical phrases.

3. Robots.txt

Check the robots.txt files of the web page. An incorrectly formed robots.txt file can prevent web pages within a website from being properly crawled by search engines.

4. Link building

Participate in link building opportunities. Link building will increase the popularity of a website and search engines use this as a factor when evaluating search rankings.

5. Integrated keywords

Integrate the appropriate keywords in the header tags of the websites. There is no point in optimizing a website for keywords that will not convert. Evaluate the keywords and phrases that are most effective and then integrate them into the website.

6. Participate

Online conversation is no longer a quiet murmur. Find related forums and blogs and become part of the community. Join the discussion and post thoughtful comments that relate to your industry.

7.Log analysis

Evaluate your logs to determine the habits of website visitors. If there are pages where a high percentage of potential customers are leaving your website, be sure to make changes. Evaluate the keywords that drive website traffic and improve them.

8. Socialize

Social media is a booming market. Build a comprehensive plant for integrating social media into your 2009 marketing and promotional campaign. Leverage social networking websites to increase your website popularity and exposure.

9. Usability

Add alt tags to images on your website. This will increase the searchability of your website. Also, these types of tactics will make your website easier for people with visual impairments to navigate.

10. Go Web 2.0

Add tutorials, podcasts, RSS feeds, and videos to your website as part of your marketing strategy. All of these interactive elements and media can drive new traffic to a website. Additionally, many web 2.0 elements can be promoted on alternative channels, increasing your website’s inbound links.

For the coming year, be sure to develop a comprehensive strategy to improve your search engine exposure in 2009.

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