polished concrete finishes

If you’ve thought about polished concrete but don’t know where to find a great collection of images, you’ll find plenty of examples through internet searches or by calling a contractor and looking at their collection of past work.

From modern homes to cafes, restaurants, outdoor dining areas, corporate offices and showrooms, there are a variety of finishes and colors you’ll find to help you choose your favorite style.

The most common variations are the color and exposure of the aggregate where the aggregate may be cut very finely or exposed boldly or only the surface may be polished. The color comes from three sources:

  • Concrete that can be light or dark gray or can have mixed colors.
  • The surface that can be colored with a stain before polishing
  • The color of the aggregates used in the mix.

Color stains can even out variations in the concrete to make it look more uniform. The color in the concrete mix will ensure the same mortar color regardless of the depth of cut and there are many aggregate mixes available that can include colored glass to make the exposed aggregate more interesting.

The gloss level can also make a difference with 3000 grit polishing which produces a greater depth of gloss and a brilliant reflection, although this can be impractical as it shows dust so easily. The 1500 grit gloss is also very good with a little difference between the two. The 800 grit finish is still very bright, but it doesn’t show dust as easily and is much more practical while still being very bright.

There is also furniture made of concrete, especially tables and benches in kitchens, dining rooms, outdoors, and bathrooms. Vanity sinks and countertops can be molded into beautiful shapes with the exposed aggregate finish and gloss levels that exude elegance.

For commercial buildings, polished concrete has proven to be a cost-effective and durable finish that is resistant to wear. It can be maintained using standard cleaning maintenance equipment with the addition of chemicals that clean and condition the floor and with cleaning pads that maintain the gloss level of the original polished floor during overnight cleaning procedures. Anti-slip qualities are also maintained using these procedures to protect pedestrians in both wet and dry conditions.

Polishing the concrete floor can produce the same finish as terrazzo without having to pour additional terrazzo mix, resulting in substantial cost savings. The polished concrete finish is more permanent than vinyl or other coatings without the need for periodic removal and replacement, which is a huge cost savings over the life of a building.

Polished concrete finishes can be designed to meet your needs for color, texture, gloss and pattern.

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