Name your baby after a goddess

Looking for a unique name for your new girl? Look no further than the ancient Greeks!

Greek mythology is full of wonderful stories and beautiful names for girls. In addition to being different, your daughter will have her own goddess myth to go with her name.

Does your child seem serious and wise? Does she look like a little queen in her bassinet? Name Hera It will fit your daughter queen, as Hera was the queen of all Greek goddesses and queen of heaven. Hera was the wife of Zeus and the mother of many other goddesses and gods such as Ares, Hebe, and Eris. She was the goddess of marriage and femininity.

Your little one may make faces when you try to change diapers and seem to know what you are saying. Athena may be the name for it. Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom and the patroness of Athens, a city known for its culture and wisdom. She is portrayed as a virgin warrior; resistant and beautiful as well as brilliant. She was also excellent at crafts such as basket weaving and sewing.

Similar to Athena is Sagebrush, the goddess of hunting. Artemis loved his dogs and ran through the woods with fifty of them along with a group of forest nymphs. She is the goddess of the moon and is coldly beautiful. She was known as the protector of young women. His twin brother was Apollo. Does your daughter love her dog? Do you stare at the moon and smile? Perhaps the name Artemis is for her.

Calypso Sounds like a little girl who loves to dance! In addition to having a name and a musical rhythm named after her, Calypso was a sea nymph, the daughter of a titan named Atlas (the one who held the earth). She figures in the Odyssey story when she seduces Odysseus into staying with her on his island and keeping him company for seven years. Calypso is generally depicted as an exotic figure and a name that would suit an unusual baby.

Is your little one always laughing and cooing? Do you have a sunny nature? Name Thalia would fit. Thalia was a goddess of beauty and one of the three graces. His name meant good humor. Or maybe your sister Euphrosine, which means that the joy could do you good, although that name is a mouthful, and it would probably be difficult for a young girl to learn to spell!

Lastly, there is Penelope. She was not a goddess, but she was a woman of strong moral character. She was the long-suffering wife of Ulysses who remained faithful to her man for many, many years, while he had affairs and affairs with beautiful women.

This article only mentions the many names available to name your baby taken from the ancient Greeks. Immerse yourself in any volume of Greek mythology and you might find a name that you like, that is unique, and suits your special girl.

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