Lancashire Student Accommodation is Fully Furnished

Student Accommodation Fully Furnished

Lancashire student accommodation is fully furnished meaning that your bedroom, kitchen and living space are all stocked with furniture and equipment. Typically, this includes a bed, desk, sofa, TV, wardrobe and curtains. It will also have a kitchen with oven, hob, microwave and all the necessary utensils to cook meals. Other items that may be included are an ironing board, iron and washing machine. Generally, landlords will provide you with bedding and towels too. In addition to your bedroom and kitchen, your property will also include a common room where you can relax or study with friends. There is usually free Wi-Fi and on-site parking too. You can make use of the on-site gym and 24-hour maintenance team for any issues you might have.

Student accommodation in Preston includes a wide range of halls of residence, studios, shared rooms and affordable private houses (PBSA). Students can choose from a mix of contemporary, modern and traditional styles. Some properties feature interior design influences from boutique hotels and include designer shower rooms with luxuries such as mood lighting. Halls of residence are designed to provide students with everything they need from a home away from home, while other properties offer more luxurious, self-contained apartments and studios.

Those living in halls of residence will typically pay around PS100 to PS170 per week for their accommodation. This includes all utility bills, a cleaner and a maintenance team. Students can also enjoy a range of on-site facilities such as a games room, cinema and gym. Those looking for something more luxury can opt for Friargate Court which takes inspiration from boutique hotels to create inspiring living spaces. Each well-appointed apartment and studio features a kitchen with appliances, utensils and crockery.

Lancashire Student Accommodation is Fully Furnished

If you are choosing to live in a private house then the landlord will be responsible for providing you with accommodation that meets a set of minimum standards, known as Core Requirements. The landlord will have to be able to demonstrate that they are managing the house in a safe manner and that they are complying with the Housing (Provision of Students’ Accommodation) Regulations. It is important that you are aware of these regulations before you sign a tenancy agreement.

Landlords can evict students who breach the terms of their tenancy agreement. This may be because they are causing a nuisance to their neighbours or have not paid their rent. There is a procedure that the landlord must follow before they can serve you with a notice to quit. It is therefore important that you consider the implications of renting a privately-owned property before you sign a tenancy agreement.

Quality student accommodations often provide dedicated support staff who are there to assist residents. These staff members can offer guidance on administrative tasks, help with accommodation-related queries, and provide a point of contact for any concerns. By ensuring that students have access to the resources they need, these support staff play a crucial role in enhancing the overall student experience.

Whether you are living in a student accommodation near University of Central Lancashire or a private house, there is plenty to see and do in this bustling city. You can visit the neo-classical buildings that make up the cultural hub of the city and also explore the beautiful countryside that surrounds it. There are also great shopping spots, such as St George’s Shopping Centre and a choice of parks that includes Hornbeam Park, Bowland Wild Boar Park and Miller Park.

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