Can you walk comfortably in high heels?

If you really want to look stylish and be the center of attention at an event, nothing can beat a pair of high heels. If you are short, you will look taller in high heels. Plus, you’ll look slimmer with longer legs if you wear a pair of stilettos with your favorite outfit. However, despite the beautiful appearance of a high heel, women often complain of foot pain and discomfort when they wear them for a long time or regularly. Studies reveal that painful feet are the result of stiletto heels, pointed shoes, and narrow heels. While podiatrists emphasize getting away with high heels, today’s fashion-conscious women find it hard to let go of pointe shoes. That is why; you need to plan ahead to make your high heels work for you.

Let’s see how you can make high heels comfortable.

go for the right size

When you buy shoes, the most important thing is that they fit you right from the moment you buy them. Yes, you need to wear shoes of different sizes to finally choose the right size for a perfect fit. Podiatrists know that our feet can grow as we age. Also, pregnant women often have longer or wider feet. That’s why it’s so important to have the right size for a comfortable fit.

Prefers round toes

Round toe shoes prevent joint pain, stubbed toes, and even bunions by not allowing your feet to pull on your big toe. Round toes keep fingers flat and spread out naturally.

Don’t buy too high

Podiatrists warn women not to buy too many pointy heels to avoid pain and discomfort. You should avoid three or four inch heels as they put excessive pressure on the ball and bones in the forefoot.

Adapt your width

Sometimes we find it difficult to get shoes that fit perfectly. The reason is that most shoe manufacturers design standard half-width shoes. If you have wide feet, you will definitely feel uncomfortable in these medium width shoes. Therefore, the shoemaker must have a strategy ready to stretch the shoes to widen the toe box for a comfortable fit.


You will notice that many fashion shoes on the market have less than adequate cushioning, leading to foot pain after prolonged use. If the proper pads are not placed just below the ball of your foot, you will experience pain after repeated use as the ball of your foot will have to take excessive pressure without sufficient cushioning.

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