Buga Toys: a new way to play and learn

Looking for something different for your kids to play? Are they bored with their usual dolls and other toys? Well here is your chance to make them happy with the Buga Monsters. These silly, crazy and naughty little monsters are sure to make your child’s boring time fun. These 5 Buga monsters can be a lot of fun for your little ones!

  1. Trickie:

Trickie is that notorious little monster who wants to joke around all the time. He can be your son’s partner in crime and you can plan those innocent pranks together. Tricks are his feasts and he enjoys them. It can be a great cheerleader for your child. So if you think your little one has a prankster hidden in him or her, get him Trickie for sure!

  1. Raptor:

Raptor is the emperor of nightmares. It is the monster that enjoys fear and shock. He stays in the haunted houses and annoys the dream fairies. Well, if your kid has nightmares, tell him to be friends with Raptor! Since you delight in fear, you can ask your child to share all his fears with Raptor.

  1. Darc:

Darc is, as the name suggests, the monster of darkness. This little man has been known to lurk in dirty corners in search of the dirty little bugs and fireflies that disturb his son’s sleep. So get him his Darc and let his fear of the dark fade away!

  1. Airing:

Oreo is the cutest Buga monster your kid could have. It is your child’s chocolate companion. He hates dentists and loves to tease them. He feasts on dark chocolates and loves to visit the chocolate shops. Oreo also likes to collect different types of candy. He acts like a nice guy when he wants candy from mommy. Make friends with your child and reward both of you with chocolates when your mentee has done something good.

  1. Mr. Meanster:

He’s everyone’s bad guy. Harasses others and snatches their toys. Mr. Meanster is also heavily punished for his wrongdoings. You can teach your kids about good and bad habits with Mr. Meanster. You can just show them how bullies and evil kids are left alone and don’t make real friends.

Buga Monster toys are really fun for your children. Not only are they different, but they are also creative in so many ways. You can use them to play games and teach your kids important values ​​in a fun way.

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