Bruce Lee training: the one thing Bruce Lee feared

After nearly losing a fight, Bruce Lee sat down gasping for breath. At that point he realized that his cardio training was not up to Bruce Lee’s training standard.

After that fight he concluded that cardio or aerobic training was “real world power.” Today, most mixed martial arts fighters have realized the importance of proper cardiovascular training.

Tito Ortiz, a well-known Ultimate Fighting Champion has come so far as to train at Oscar De La Hoya’s training ground in Big Bear Lake. And recently he has gone even further by purchasing the property for $ 2.1 million.

Why is this important?

Due to the altitude at Big Bear Lake, it makes it an ideal place to train for any event. Running high is a secret to building endurance in any fight. It is well known that Bruce Lee preferred running to any other type of resistance exercise.

He ran every day rain or shine determined to maintain his fighting advantage.

Bruce Lee’s training applied the same progressive resistance principle to cardiovascular training as it did to resistance training. Bruce felt that all endurance-related activities should be done progressively. He even incorporated weight training into his career to make training even more demanding.

This type of training was the beginning of what is now known as powerwalking or heavy hand exercises, where the individual performed aerobic exercise but with weights in hand or using a vest with weights to increase the difficulty of performing cardiovascular training.

One of the easiest ways to build your fighting stamina in Bruce Lee’s training was to take steps.

Basically what it does is get up and down from a chair to the floor and vice versa. The chair should be approximately 17 inches tall for men and 14 inches for women.

To properly execute this exercise, you need to lead with your left foot for one minute, then switch to your right foot for another minute, then stop stretching a bit, take a couple of deep breaths.

Then you would do an arm exercise or an abdominal exercise.

Repeat the routine again with the chair – As endurance and strength build, increase the reps as the weeks go by until you can finally perform it for a full 30 minutes.

Jogging: a favorite of Bruce Lee’s workouts

Running could be called Bruce Lee’s passion. He loved running early in the morning and Lee always carried a pair of running shoes with him to make sure he never missed a day of jogging.

Bruce Lee’s training focused on jogging for a number of reasons.

He felt that jogging placed very little stress on the body and was an exercise that required no equipment and that anyone could do.

In Bruce Lee’s training, he explained all the reasons why he should jog and exactly how to do it. In future articles I will detail these components.

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