Bringing home your new puppy: what to expect and how to get your kids involved

Things to expect when you bring home your new puppy:

Chew – Understand that puppies LOVE to chew! They will chew on your shoes, your furniture, your children’s toys, etc., just to name a few. This doesn’t mean you should let your pup run around your house, he’ll just need some training.

Housebreaking – This will definitely take some time. You can’t expect a puppy to be fully trained until he is several months old and some even take as long as a year. A young pup just can’t control himself if he has to wait to come out. This is not unlike training your child, you have to be patient.

Invest in a dog crate – pups need their own “den”. A crate is a great place for your pup to go for safety, and he won’t mind staying in it when you’re not watching. You can also put your puppy in this crate at night so you don’t have to worry about whether or not he is going potty on your mat.

Use a Baby Gate – You can use a baby gate during the day to confine your pup to a place like your kitchen, as this is usually where you have linoleum or tile floors that are easy to clean when your pup has an accident.

Give your kids “puppy” chores

Please never expect your young child to train the puppy. It is too difficult for them since they are young themselves. But there are things you can teach your children to make them feel like they have something to do with training your pup.

has. Feeding – A dog will eat himself into oblivion if you let him, so have your kids set a schedule for your pup and feed him at the same time every day. This also helps regulate your pup’s intestines.

b. Bathing: Your kids will have fun doing this. They just need to make sure that the water is at room temperature and that the pet shampoo does not get in your pup’s eyes or ears.

vs. Brushing – Your pup will love this and it is a very easy thing for your child to learn to do. This must be done every day. It will keep your pup clean, not to mention remove any excess hair that will shed. Your pup will LOVE the attention.

d. Walking: this should be done twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. This not only gives your pup exercise, but also gives your kids a chance to get out of the house and get some exercise themselves. We live in a world of games and computers and our kids just don’t get enough exercise. Walking your dog is a good routine to start.

me. Potty Accidents: This will also need to be picked up after your pup has a potty accident. (this applies to kids old enough to do it…not toddlers) This will teach your kids to take the “not so fun” things along with the good times you have with your new pup .

Just remember that dogs take a lot of time and patience, so expect your life to slow down a bit. You will soon realize how much joy they can bring not only to your children’s lives but also to yours. It can be a way for your family to reconnect. There is something about that feeling you get from your dog that gives you unconditional love.

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