Bamboo – remains the right choice for construction in any case

Bamboo History

Bamboo grows in its native places in South America and Asia. It is commonly used in homes as the main material for construction. Concrete, steel, and wood are also popular choices, but for those looking for eco-friendly solutions, bamboo is second to none. Bamboo bathroom cabinets, floors, walls and more are implemented, and even the scaffolding and structural supports are made of bamboo.

Bamboo was and is the best choice for construction projects, and once one learns why, they rarely disagree.

Why is it the best option?

Due to its composition, bamboo is the ideal material for most constructions. Bamboo matures in just two years, making it perhaps the fastest growing building material on the market. His strength is unmatched, even by steel; while its elasticity makes it perfect for areas that see some natural disaster. Finally, its lightweight nature makes it easy to work with and more affordable to ship.

One area where bamboo doesn’t trump other woods is that it can still rot and become infested with wood-boring and wood-damaging insects. Fortunately, there are treatments that protect and preserve it to enjoy it for longer.

engineering options

The paneled bamboo floors that have been designed present builders with a strong and highly durable product. Of course, it depends on the manufacturer as to the quality of the engineered bamboo; but many types can be even stronger and tougher than hardwood.

It is used like natural bamboo in bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Flooring is also very popular and the quick installation is a win-win for many home and business owners. In recent studies, engineered bamboo was found to be as good, if not better, than other wood products.


Due to the various finishes of bamboo, it can flow seamlessly with other woods. That makes it easy to add to existing decor. If one chooses bamboo bathroom cabinets but has an oak hardwood floor, there is no reason to worry. The finishes are similar to those of most manufacturers and, in any case, can be easily removed and restored.

Designers only have a limited imagination for bamboo bathroom cabinets, and they can be installed under a sink, above, in a corner for towels, and much more. The beautiful grain that can run both horizontally and vertically lends itself to a very stylish and elegant room that everyone will enjoy.


It would be difficult to find a type of wood that is as durable as bamboo. Bamboo bathroom cabinets, kitchen fixtures and flooring will stand the test of time. Bamboo is also very easy to care for by following a few simple steps, and this will contribute to its longevity.

Clean bamboo bathroom cabinets with a damp cloth.

Avoid the use of abrasive products

Stay away from harsh chemicals

Reseal the bamboo as needed to keep it looking fresh and new.

ยท In the worst case, bamboo can be sanded and re-stained to suit the home or business owner.

In both engineered and all natural products, bamboo offers many advantages. It grows fast as mentioned above, it’s completely versatile, and while some of the options are a bit pricey, bamboo more than makes up for that cost in its longevity. Developers and architects consistently choose bamboo bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, floors, walls, and structural elements and for good reason.

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