Are you ready for Stand Alone Grill Islands?

Have you always wanted your own outdoor kitchen but already had a separate grill? With pre-made companies mass producing grill islands and using brand name slide racks that cost thousands of dollars, why not build an island for your Stand Alone grill to roll up to?

Now this question has been asked multiple times and it is easy to answer. No, unfortunately, you cannot just use the grill section of the freestanding grill and place it on an island. One reason is the insurance risk to you and the Grill company, and the other is that it will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Also, the bottom of the unit is not built to be enclosed in an area with very little ventilation.

However, the good news is that you can use your existing freestanding grill and have a custom island built so you can have all the amenities you want built into the island and enjoy the same luxuries as pre-made islands.

And there are other reasons to have a custom outdoor grill / kitchen island. Like most home improvements, a custom outdoor kitchen adds value to your home. According to some home appraisers, outdoor kitchens can increase the value of your property from $ 10,000 to $ 25,000. Of course, this depends on the style and accessories of the island you build. When building a custom island, it can be as basic as you want or it can be as spectacular as you can imagine. As a general rule, any investment you make in your home will be returned to you when you sell it. Since Grill Islands tends to weigh a few hundred pounds, they are almost always sold as a property service. This can be another draw for any buyer, especially if they also have a freestanding grill.

For the serious backyard chef, customizing a grill island with LA Custom Grill Islands can bring pleasure back to outdoor cooking. By having an outdoor kitchen and adding a few conveniences like a sink, refrigerator, drawers, and a couple of outlets, the cook can now have everything close at hand. Instead of going back and forth from the indoor kitchen to the barbecue grill. They can also have a counter where friends can sit and chat, taking your next barbecue to a whole new level of socializing and fun.

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