5 popular festivals in Bali

Beautiful, gracious and breathtaking, Bali is one of the most admired vacation destinations in the world that reflects a fascinating amalgamation of many traits. A country vacation is welcome at any time; visiting during festivals makes the holidays even more fun. Take a look at 5 popular island festivals that millions of tourists fall in love with and urge them to book airline tickets to Bali well in advance.


One of the most revered festivals on the island – Galungan occurs every 210 days and lasts for 10 days. During the festival, the people of Bali celebrate the victory of virtue over evil. Visitors can enjoy wonderful dancing, abundant cultural food, and a great jovial atmosphere. The island’s inhabitants decorate a tall bamboo pole outside their houses. On the tenth day the celebrations take place in the temple of the water; Tampaksiring and its ancestors are honored with countless tributes.

Tawur Kesanga and Nyepi

Travelers who book tickets to Bali in advance for travel in late March or early April can take part in Tawur Kesanga and Nyepi. It is celebrated for marking the beginning of the lunar new year. Tawur Kesanga falls one day before Nyepi. In Tawur Kesanga, villagers create effigies of monsters and, after paying tribute, burn them inside the ceremonial fire. The next day, Nyepi, the day of silence is celebrated without fun or jubilation. No one is allowed to leave the house as the island’s stillness fools the devilish spirit into believing that the villagers have left the place.

Bali art festival

When June rolls around, the island will bask in the glory of the Bali Arts Festival. The month-long festival features impressive daily performances, magnificent craft exhibits, and countless cultural activities. It is an annual cultural event of Denpasar or it can be said that all of Indonesia participates in the carnival. The Bali Art Festival offers a unique opportunity to watch the palace’s spectacular classical dance performances, enjoy relaxing music, and feast on delicious food.

Nusa Dua Festival

The Nusa Dua Festival is celebrated in the months of August and September. It features a multitude of colorful cultural events, brilliant handicraft displays, fascinating traditional art, fascinating dance, outstanding drama, and fascinating musical performances. Travelers who book airline tickets to Bali can immerse themselves in the glorious culture of the island, as the festival offers wonderful performances and cultural activities.

Bali Kite Festival

Last but not least, a unique one among all the festivals: the Bali Kite Festival is held in Padang Galak, near Sanur beach, during the month of June. The festival is celebrated to ask god to create rich harvests and harvests. At this festival, multi-colored and shaped kites accentuate the allure of the aqua blue sky. Both children and adults participate in the kite flying competition and the beach atmosphere is marked by the fascinating melody of the gamelan orchestra.

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