3 tips for finding the right phone case

There is no single phone case that can satisfy everyone’s wants and needs. At least not yet. Finding the “perfect” case for your phone depends largely on several factors that will be discussed in detail shortly.

Rather than focusing on just one particular case, consider what your daily activities are, what your ideal aesthetic is, and whether you have a tendency to accidentally drop a lot of things, as these things will eventually guide you to the right path.

On that note, here are 3 things to consider when finding the right phone case for you.


First, let’s talk about the functions. If you’re the adventurous type, you’ll want something sturdy and practical to protect your phone from an impending dip in a river or blunt trauma from the rocks. There are a handful of products on the market that offer just that. The best ones are usually a combination of an ArmorTEK case and a nano-shock impact screen protector, which makes your phone virtually unbreakable.

Another pro tip is to opt for case manufacturers that provide product warranties of at least $ 150, just in case something unfortunate happens. If you lead a sedentary life, this type of case will still serve you well, as being idle doesn’t necessarily make your phone immune to accidents. But if bulky cases aren’t your thing, you can opt for folio-type products that can double as a wallet or slim-type that easily slip into your pockets or purse.


Next, aesthetics! There is an obvious trade-off when it comes to style and the level of protection a case can provide. The more it defends your phone from impact or moisture, the more its elegance is sacrificed. If style is important to you, you can opt for products that are thinner and barely available, such as scratch-resistant screen protectors that can be cleaned. There are products on the market that have a sapphire hardness factor of up to 9H, ensuring that your device is safe from cracks. Another great advantage of this type of product is that it better shows the design of your phone.

However, screen savers can only do so much. While your screen may be free of cracks and scratches, your internal hardware may not be as lucky. A middle ground between bulky and stylish protection would be the ArmorTEK cases that provide ample overall protection for your device. They come in clear cases, which addresses the issue of style.

If you want to indulge your creative side, there are also customizable cases for sale online. Whether you want your face or your pet’s, no one will tell you NO. Go crazy! However, they don’t provide good protection, so you still need to be careful when handling your phone.


Once you’ve found an impact-resistant phone case that suits your lifestyle, now is the best time to consider the price. The same case may be priced differently on different websites or stores, so you need to visit each one and do a comparison. If you buy from the manufacturer’s or carrier’s website, you might be lucky enough to get a discount.

One caveat about buying things online or from unapproved sellers is that you risk buying knockoffs. Therefore, always make sure to read online reviews about a product before making a purchase. In this way, you can read about first-hand accounts of whether a particular case lives up to expectations or not.

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