Real Estate

Investing in car dealerships: how to value them

Most business valuations are based substantially on the company’s historical financial statements, tempered by other factors such as: location, brand name, management, etc. In fact and in fact, the dealership’s balance sheet represents less than half of the information needed to properly value a car dealership. The balance sheet is nothing more than a starting…


Leo Ferris: The Man Who Saved the NBA

The early days of basketball often saw slow and unfriendly games for fans that often left viewers bored. Games often only reached their 40s and many of the best players averaged less than 15 points per game. Many early basketball games seemed more like a glorified version of the keep-away game than an action-packed professional…


Insurable and uninsurable risks

When we talk about insurance, we refer to risks in all its forms. Therefore, having an insurance policy is just one way of sharing our risks with other people with similar risks. However, while some risks are insurable (ie insurable risks), some cannot be insured according to their nature (ie uninsurable risks). Insurable risks Insurable…

Digital Marketing

3 main reasons why marketing is important

Kotler and Armstrong define marketing as “the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong relationships with customers in order to get customer value in return.” This definition alone may explain why marketing is important, but let’s outline several reasons why marketing should be a top priority for a small business owner….

Lifestyle Fashion

Soulmates and Soulmates Hierarchy

There are basic categories of soul connections that can be identified. We recognize them for the role souls play in the lives of others and the energy underlying connection. Even as I write this, I do so for the purpose of helping you understand that not all soul relationships are supposed to last an earthly…


Could a collie be the right dog breed for you?

The Collie has a long history. It is believed that it evolved in Scotland, from the dogs of Roman soldiers, around 55 BC. C. They were originally bred to herd sheep, and that instinct can sometimes be seen in young cubs that will nip people’s heels. So it’s not surprising that the American Kennel Club…